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Man sentenced to 1 year in jail for hiding his wife’s citizenship | India News


MUMBAI: A court of first instance convicted and sentenced a 41-year-old man to one year in prison for failing to inform the authorities that the woman he had married was a foreigner and living in the country illegally.
The man’s wife was also found guilty and sentenced to one year in jail for being an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh.
The man, Sameer Barai, and his wife, Jyoti, have two children.
“There is nothing in the record to show that defendant # 1 (Sameer) at some point informed the police that defendant # 2 (Jyoti) is a foreigner. Rather, he reveals that he (is) married to defendant number 2, and they have two children from this marriage. No one can assume that a husband does not know (sic) the basic fact of his wife’s citizenship. Not expected at all. Any sane person can follow the same line of thought, ”the court said.
The court ordered the prosecution to take “deportation action” against Jyoti after he served his sentence.
Refusing to grant clemency, the court observed that a citizen of the country had failed to fulfill his “obligatory duty” and had left the future of his children in the dark.
“This criminal act on the part of the accused cannot be freely taken. In my opinion, if such leniency is given, the same can be dangerous to national security and even legitimate rights of Indian citizens as due to such unauthorized entry foreigners may be taxed on the Indian economy “said the court.
The prosecution’s case was that in February 2017, the police received information that Bangladeshi citizens were “arriving illegally” at the Reay Road train station.

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