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Covid 19 cases in India: more cases in March than in January-February combined | India News


The month of March ended with its largest single-day increase in infections and deaths, with at least 71,586 new cases on Wednesday, the highest since October 10 last year, and the highest number of virus-related deaths ( 458) from December 5.
Almost 11.1 lakhs of Covid-19 cases were recorded in March, more than the count of the previous two months combined. The month also saw the steepest increase in daily cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with an average of seven days that multiplied by more than four, from 15,241 in early March to 61,859 on the last day.
The seven-day average of daily cases increased by 46,618 during March, higher than during any other month. Only September, with a growth of 37,036 cases, comes close. In percentage terms, May had seen a similar 4-fold increase in cases, but the base was much lower. In May, the average number of daily cases had increased from 1,679 to 6,980.

Covid 19 cases in India: more cases in March than in January-February combined | India News

Deaths also rose during March, but in a ray of light to the second wave of Covid so far, deaths have not increased as dramatically as cases. The month recorded 5,755 deaths, more than double the February figure (2,767), but only slightly more than the figure reported in January (5,453). This could be due to a delay of around 14 days that usually accompanies any spike in infections. In fact, by the end of the month, daily deaths were close to the numbers seen in early December.
Disturbingly, cases continued to rise in most of the nation’s states outside of the Northeast, indicating that the increase may be far from over.
On Wednesday, when the daily count surpassed the 70,000 mark to a 172-day high of 71,586 (based on TOI data), at least 12 states posted their highest daily counts since or before January.
Maharashtra recorded 39,544 new cases, the second highest number to date after Sunday’s record count of 40,414. Chhattisgarh recorded its highest count in its history with 4,563 cases, becoming the fourth state in March to reach its all-time high.
Gujarat also recorded its highest count of 2,360 new infections in the past 24 hours. This was the seventh time in the past 10 days that the state reached a new peak in daily cases.
Karnataka recorded 4,225 cases, the highest since October 25, while Madhya Pradesh recorded 2,332, the highest since September 23. Tamil Nadu (2,579), Andhra Pradesh (1,184), Bengal (982), Jharkhand (693), Telangana (684), J&K (373), Odisha (297) and Goa (200) also recorded their highest case counts since January. or before.
Even Kerala, where the infection had been receding until a few days ago, reported 2,653 new cases, the highest in 25 days.
Maharashtra recorded as many as 227 deaths in the past 24 hours, its highest daily figure since November 5. Deaths also continue to rise in Punjab (56 deaths), Chhattisgarh (39), Karnataka (26), and Tamil Nadu (19).

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