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BPF Candidate Joins BJP Amid Assam Polls | India News


GUWAHATI: Bodoland Peoples’ Front (BPF) candidate Rangja Khungur Basumatary joined the BJP on Thursday ahead of the third phase of voting in Assam, when the constituency in which he is participating is scheduled to go to the vote. .
Basumatary had reportedly been missing for two days and around midnight on Wednesday, BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted that he had met with the BPF candidate, who would join the saffron party.
BPF is an ally of the opposition Congress in Assam, where two of the three scheduled elections ended on Thursday.
“Official candidate of BPF and the so-called alliance led by the Tamulpur LAC Congress (Legislative Assembly constituency), Sri Ram Das Basumatary met with me recently. He has expressed his desire to join @ BJP4India and withdraw from the elections.” Sarma tweeted. .
Rangja Khungur Basumatary is also known as Ram Das Basumatary.
Basumatary told a local television channel that he had decided to resign from BPF because the party did not help him during the campaign.
Efforts made to contact him failed because his phone was turned off.
A congressional statement confirmed that Basumatary joined the BJP on Thursday.
The Tamulpur constituency is located in the Baksa district under the Bodoland Territorial Region and will go to the polls during the third phase on April 6.
Reacting to the development, Congressional MP Manish Tiwari said that Basumatary had disappeared due to threats from the BJPN and lashed out at the saffron party for it.
Never in India were such immoral activities carried out during elections; you (BJP) threatened to use the National Investigation Agency against the party and the candidate.
“You (BJP) want to win the elections by wrong means. This is a fascist mentality and it is the education of the BJP. That party does not believe in democracy and democratic systems. This is absolutely the worst show of fascism to be exhibited in the Assam polls, “he said at a press conference here.
Tiwari demanded that the BJP government in the state tell people what had happened to Basumatary for two days.
“I demand a detailed investigation into the incident by the Electoral Commission. How did such an incident occur in front of the EC? Is the EC blindfolded?” said the leader of Congress.
AICC spokesman Gourav Vallabh said a congressional delegation will meet with the EC on Thursday night to seek the postponement of the vote in the Tamulpur constituency and the disqualification of Sarma, a high-ranking Assamian minister, to challenge and campaign for state elections as he is a “repeat offender” of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).
Vallabh questioned why the EC was not checking Basumatary’s call records to find his whereabouts.
“We demand that Basumatary’s call records be made public so that the people of Assam know what coercion, intimidation or what proposal forced him to join the BJP,” Vallabh said.
Commenting on the EC’s notice to Sarma for allegedly threatening BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary with using the NIA against him, Tiwari said: “The EC issued the notice because it is convinced that such threatening language is not acceptable. .
“The EC prima facie found him guilty. It is a conspiracy against the candidate. It is an attempt to subvert the electoral process. They (BJP) do not believe in democracy and that is why they are resorting to this practice of threatening a candidate who is in the electoral contest.
Sarma had said it had obtained evidence of Mohilary’s alleged links to recent gun recoveries in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) and the case was being turned over to the NIA for investigation.
Later, the director general of the state police, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, reportedly said that there was evidence that militants and their group were involved in recovering weapons.
“We asked Gujarati Mama (referring to Sarma’s loyalty to BJP and who is popularly called ‘Mama’) when did that evidence arrive? If it arrived before the MCC went into effect, why did she remain silent? criminal offense If it occurred after the MCC came into force, then how and by whom the evidence was delivered because the police now report to the Election Commission.
“Yesterday the DGP said that it has all the information. Is it coincidence or deliberate? DGP Sir, why are you not taking any action? Who has tied your hands? By making such statements, you are not strengthening democracy, but weakening it “. “Vallabh added.

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