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Ahead of Integrated Commands, Armed Forces Put Third Joint Logistics Node into Operation India News


NEW DELHI: In the run-up to the creation of two new unified commands in the country this year, a third Army, Navy and IAF Joint Logistics Node (JLN) was put into operation in Mumbai by the Chief of Staff of defense, General Bipin Rawat on Thursday.
Noting that all future wars will have to be fought by the three Services in an integrated manner, General Rawat said that the successful operation of the three JLNs (the first two are in Guwahati and Port Blair) will be “important springboards” to open more nodes in different parts of the country.
“I call on everyone to continue to strive for excellence in our endeavor to become a fully integrated, modern and self-sufficient force ready for the future. The establishment of the JLNs is a very important first step in the direction of the logistics integration of our three Services ”, he said.
Last year, the government formally approved this first set of joint structures to handle logistics in the 15-lakh armed forces, in a step toward injecting desperately needed integration and the eventual creation of three-service commandos, as later reported. TOI.
To begin with, these JLNs will provide integrated logistical coverage to the armed forces for their small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general supplies, contracted civilian transport, aviation clothing, spare parts and also engineering support in an effort to synergize operational efforts and reduce costs.
The JLNs are ahead of the creation of the “functional” three-service Air Defense Command and the “geographic” Maritime Theater Command this year. These will then be followed by theater commandos along the land borders with China and Pakistan for more integrated military impact, as part of the larger ongoing restructuring in the armed forces, as previously reported by TOI.

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