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Aadhaar Row in Puducherry: Madras High Court Refuses to Accept BJP’s Claim About Collecting Voters’ Phone Numbers | India News


CHENNAI: The Madras High Court on Thursday refused to accept the BJP’s claim that the mobile numbers of voters linked to Aadhaar that were used for the election campaign were collected by their karyakartas (party workers) who went door-to-door door in Puducherry.
Instead, the First Bank of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Judge Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy said the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) should answer how information provided by citizens had been breached in hopes that it would be preserved. confidentiality.
In this part, the court also made it clear that the Election Commission of India (ECI) must deal with the perceived violation of the code of conduct without plugging the issue and a separate criminal investigation initiated against the party must continue.
The court approved orders in a public interest litigation brought by A Anand, chairman of the Puducherry unit of the Democratic Youth Foundation of India (DYFI), alleging that local BJP candidates had obtained the cell phone numbers illegally. from Aadhaar’s data and they were creating WhatsApp. groups in their respective constituencies for the election campaign.
Opposing the accusation, the BJP argued that the phone numbers of voters it used to send propaganda text messages had been collected by the party’s ‘karyakartas’ over a period of time and ‘not stolen from Aadhaar’s data’ .
“All those numbers are available in the public domain. The party contracted the services of bulk SMS senders by paying them, ”said lead advocate V Kathic, representing BJP.
For its part, the UIDAI also claimed that Aadhaar’s data had not been compromised or shared with anyone.
“We have not found any tampering with the records,” said UIDAI attorney V Chandrasekar.
“The information collected by the UIDAI is not used for any purpose other than Aadhaar number generation and authentication. It is not possible to share Aadhaar details in bulk with any entity,” he added.
On behalf of the petitioner, lead attorney R Vaigai informed the court that the BJP had been illegally sending such SMS until March 29, even after the court had learned of the matter.
He wanted the court to order the ECI to act promptly and seriously.

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