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Road and rail infrastructure posted record growth despite Covid blues in the first quarter of the year | India News


NEW DELHI: Road and rail infrastructure posted record growth in 2020-21 despite the Covid pandemic hitting the first quarter of the year. The construction of the national highway (NH) reached 35.6 km per day, almost 27% more than that of 2019-20. The railways registered the highest load in history with 1,224 million tons, which was 2% more than the total load transported by the national carrier in 2019-20.
Although NH’s cumulative construction over 13,000 km exceeded the goal set by the Ministry of Roads by 18%, the government could achieve the goal by awarding contracts over 10,000 km.

Road and rail infrastructure posted record growth despite Covid blues in the first quarter of the year | India News

The sources said that while NHAI, which mostly builds four-lane roads and more, reported the highest construction in history of around 4,100 km, falling slightly short of the target, the Ministry’s construction and expansion of roads. of Roads was close to 7,750 km compared to the 5,680 km target. Highway projects are largely executed by the Ministry of Roads through the state departments of public works (PWD).
NHIDCL, another branch of the highway ministry that carries out road works in the northeastern states and the hills, reported the construction of 1,053 km in 2020-21. The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, had previously announced that his ministry would create a record road construction and wanted to achieve the construction of 40 km of NH per day.
Addressing officials on Wednesday, Union Rail Minister Piyush Goyal said the total cargo load was 1,224 million tonnes (MT) and was expected to reach 1,230 MT overnight. He said that this achievement was recorded despite the deficit of 70 MT during the first four months of 2020-21. Goyal said the railroads had been setting records every month since September by recording the highest freight load in history.
Officials from the Ministry of Railways also said that revenue from the cargo movement had touched Rs 1.17 lakh crore on Wednesday morning, which was 3% more than in 2019-20. “This figure may increase a bit by midnight on Wednesday,” said a source.
Goyal said that if revenue from the passenger segments had not been affected, the railroads would have achieved an even better record.

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