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Covid-19: Mumbai Police Twitter’s “Punny” Warning for Non-Masks | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid the Covid-19 situation going from ‘bad to worse’ in Maharashtra, Mumbai police took to Twitter and tried to highlight the importance of wearing a mask.
In their new post on Tuesday, the Mumbai police released a creative coronavirus graphic. They captioned the graphic inspired by Manisha Koirala’s 1996 superhit song ‘Aaj Main Upar’ from the movie Khamoshi: The Musical. The graphic showed the virus that said: “Aaj main upar cuz mask hai neeche”.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases across the state. With people not adhering to Covid guidelines and not wearing masks in public places, they have become a huge cause for concern.
The Center has already called on all states and territories in the union to take a district-centric approach to fighting upside-down in cases.
Each district, regardless of whether it is experiencing a surge or low load, must formulate an action plan with clear timelines and responsibilities, he said.
Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Tuesday that eight of the country’s 10 highest-burden Covid-19 districts are from Maharashtra and that Delhi, taken as a single district, is also on the list.
He said the 10 districts with the most active Covid cases are Pune (59,475), Mumbai (46,248), Nagpur (45,322), Thane (35,264), Nashik (26,553), Aurangabad (21,282), Bengaluru Urban (16,259), Nanded (15,171). ), Delhi (8,032) and Ahmednagar (7,952).

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