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BJP files complaint against Mamata Banerjee with EC for alleged threats | India News


CALCUTTA: By accusing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of threatening her supporters at her rallies, BJP has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission over the comments she made.
In its letter to the survey panel, BJP alleged on Tuesday, despite the commission’s “proactive” role, “large-scale violence” has been reported in recent days due to such statements by the Trinamool head of Congress ( TMC).
To back up his claim, the letter mentioned a widely circulated video of a meeting Banerjee addressed in Nandigram on March 29.
“At the meeting she said that the central paramilitary forces will go one day, but she will stay in Bengal. Who will save her rivals?” Banerjee said in the letter.
The letter signed by BJP leaders Shishir Bajoria, Arjun Singh and Pratap Banerjee, raised an objection to the supreme TMC’s comments and read: “Such statements are a threat to free, fair and peaceful elections … and have been put to the knowledge of the commission. ”
The saffron party also described the speech as a violation of the model code of conduct that urges political parties to avoid crimes such as voter intimidation.
“The threat and criminal intimidation is not only an abuse of free and fair elections, but also a criminal act, as well as an electoral crime that needs strong and immediate control,” said the BJP.
Referring to the video clip, the letter alleged that Trinamool’s congressional waiver has failed to prevent incidents of violence such as attacks on voters, preventing election agents from entering polling stations, attacking BJP workers in the run-up to the polls. and the day of the vote.

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