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Army to get the first group of women on its bases this year | India News


The Indian Army will incorporate women into its ranks for the first time in the coming weeks with the training of the first group of female cadets in the Military Police Corps (CMP) scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks in Bangalore.
The cadets began their 61-week training on January 6, 2020. And, even as the first group’s fainting parade has yet to take place, more than 4,000 women had applied to be part of the CMP at the recent military rally. Indian.

Army to get the first group of women on its bases this year | India News

Those selected for this rally would be part of the second group of women in CMP.
Until now, the army only had female officers in certain streams and this is the first time that women will be included in the category of non-officers.
These cadets, once they complete their training, could be stationed in any of the army’s divisions, including those in forward areas.
According to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), a total of 1,700 military policewomen will be recruited over a 17-year period, and the first batch of 99 military policewomen-in-training showed up at the CMP Center and School in Bangalore in January 2020. .
The training of the first group of female soldiers included basic military and advanced provost training.
“Adequate administrative and training infrastructure has been established and due diligence has been applied in developing the administrative infrastructure for the accommodation of female recruits based on interactions with the Officer Training Academy in Chennai, Assam Rifles and the Corps. National Cadet and Officer Training Academy in Gwalior, ”said an earlier statement from the CMP.
Female soldiers have had the same terms and conditions that apply to their male counterparts.
Upon completion of the training, female military police will perform similar roles as male military police personnel.
“Military police women, in addition to being employed in mandatory operational tasks and in peacetime, will be an asset for the investigation of gender-specific crimes,” says the CMP statement.
In addition, as TOI previously reported, the first major army recruitment rally (December 2020) since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country was attended by more than 4,000 women, who aspired to join the CMP.
An official from the Karnataka and Kerala sub-area who supervised the demonstration told TOI: “We have received applications from around 4,000 women and 10,000 men.”
At the recently concluded session of Parliament, MoS Shripad Naik told Rajya Sabha that in addition to the provision of a Standing Commission for Women Officers in the Judge’s Advocate General and the Army Education Corps, the Center has recently announced a grant of the Standing Commission to the Officers other weapons / services in which they are eligible for commission.
“In addition, the government has sanctioned 1,700 women in the CMP in a staggered manner,” he had said, adding that there are 6,796 women in the army to date.
Recently, the army and the government had been criticized by the Supreme Court, which described some of the criteria for selecting women to obtain the permanent commission as arbitrary and irrational.

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