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SC considers the UP order on those sentenced to life imprisonment to be “ridiculous” | India News


NEW DELHI: New Delhi: Calling “ridiculous” the decision of the Uttar Pradesh government to reject the waiver of three life sentences for reasons including their “inappropriate socio-economic status”, the Supreme Court granted all three bonds provisional to allow them to get out of jail after almost 16 years.
A bench of judges Sanjay Kishan Kaul and R Subhash Reddy detained state authorities for rejecting the convicts’ request for referral “without applying mind” and said it was done to prevent them from getting out of jail. Additional Attorney General Aishwarya Bhati, who appeared for the state, agreed to reconsider the request.
“We are concerned when the state behaves like this. They are in jail for the past 16 years without parole. If the government has designed the policy, then it must be implemented in true spirit, ”said the bank and ordered the state to reconsider its request.
Referring to the order approved by a deputy secretary who rejected the request for the release of the prisoners for various reasons, including refusal to compromise and their socioeconomic status being inappropriate, the court said: “We are dismayed to read the approved order … We believe that the official in question may not even understand the contours of what to consider before making a decision on such a request. ”
“We have found the consideration ridiculous as the question of the petitioners involved in any other crime did not arise as they have been in custody without parole for 16 years. If incorrect material is presented to the competent authority, the result will naturally not be correct.” It seems to us then that the police authorities are in one way or another now preventing the release as a matter of some kind of prestige, their conduct having been adversely commented on by this court, “said the magistrate.
“We have also reviewed the DM information / recommendation report which seems to us a mere formality rather than a serious consideration. We would have thought the police would do some introspection, but they show only stubbornness, ”the court said, noting that it had also previously asked the authority to reconsider its request for referral.
The court gave the state four weeks to do what was necessary in the declaration of remission of those convicted who were sentenced to life in prison in a murder case.

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