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Rail cars will be 100% manufactured in India by the end of 2022 | India News


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Railways has set the December 2022 target to achieve 100% indigenous manufacturing of all rail cars by ending dependence on imports from countries, including China.
Currently, the Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches, manufactured by the Indian Railways production unit (Integral Coach Factory, Rail Coach Factory and Modern Coach Factory), are completely indigenous, except for the wheels and axles. At present, semi-finished wheel discs and axles are imported from China for LHB coaches.
Sources said that in recent years the import component of the Indian railways of manufacturing parts has been steadily declining and is now around 1.6% of the total value of items. They said that efforts have been made to further reduce this part of imports and that some of the last remaining items, such as wheels and axles, will now be made entirely in India.
In 2020-21, Indian Railways imported 60,000 LHB wheels, which is an annual requirement of 100% LHB wheels by the railways. Some 4,000 axles were imported, constituting about 18% of the annual requirements of the Indian railways.
LHB coaches use forged wheels. The axles for all rolling stock are forged and the wheels were imported because they were not manufactured here and the axles were imported due to capacity limitations.
“Steps have been taken to indigenize forged wheel manufacturing through SAIL, Durgapur and the RINL forged wheel plant being established in Raebareli. Indian Railways has entered into a guaranteed purchase contract with RINL’s forged wheels plant for 80,000 wheels per year which encouraged them to install this plant. It is expected to be operational shortly, ”said an official.
SAIL, Durgapur, which mainly made wheels for locomotives, has also started making LHB wheels, the official said. “They have manufactured and delivered about 400 wheels that are under test. It has the capacity to manufacture about 60,000 forged wheels of all kinds. Therefore, with these steps, a 1.1 lakh capacity of LHB wheels will be available in India and this will be more than the annual requirement for LHB coaches, ”he added.

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