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PM Modi addresses the rally in Puducherry: Key points | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing an election rally in Puducherry on Tuesday, pointed his guns at the Congress party, saying the “high command” government failed to develop Union territory and looted the town.
“In a long list of non-compliant congressional governments,” the prime minister said that the previous Puducherry government had a “special place” as the “high-ranking Puducherry government in Delhi” failed on all fronts.
“Take any sector – education, filling of medical positions, the welfare of the SC-ST, there was only loot,” said the prime minister.
Visiting the UT before the April 6 voting day in the assembly elections, PM Modi said that the MLA from the Congress party have spoken openly about corruption in the UT.
“The MLAs belonging to the Congress Party were openly talking about corruption, directly linked to the family of the former prime minister,” Modi said.
This is the Prime Minister’s second visit to Puducherry to campaign for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidates after he addressed an election rally here on February 25 when he unveiled several development projects sponsored by the Center.
Highlights of PM Modi’s address in Puducherry:
* In the long list of congressional governments in default over the years, the previous Puducherry administration has a special place. Puducherry’s “high command” government failed on all fronts.
* I have a reasonably long experience in politics. I have seen many choices. But, the election of Puducherry 2021 is unique. You know why? Because the acting prime minister has not been given a ticket.
* So many years of fidelity. Lifting their leader’s slippers. Doing wrong translations to impress your leader. Still, there is no ticket! This clearly shows how disaster your government has turned out to be.
* NDA will work to make Best Puducherry. By Best I mean Business Hub. School. Spiritual center. Tourism center.

* When I think of Puducherry, I think of Bharatiyar. I think of Sri Aurobindo. I think of Sithanda Swamy and Thollaikkathu Siddhar.
* I bow in reverence to Manakula Vinayagar Swamy Temple and Sreemath Guru Sithanandha Swamigal Devasthanam.
Puducherry Polls 2021
The All India NR Congress (AINRC), which heads the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) here, is competing in 16 of 30 constituencies, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is seeking the nine-seat election.
Meanwhile, the AIADMK is competing for five seats on the territory of the Union.
AINRC leader and former chief minister, N Rangasamy, seeks the election of two segments: Thattanchavady and Yanam.
The elections in Puducherry will take place in a single phase on April 6.

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