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Mehbooba, your mother was denied a passport due to the CID report | India News


SRINAGAR: The regional passport officer in Srinagar has denied a passport to former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and his mother Gulshan Nazir, citing an adverse police verification report.
The BB Nagar officer, in two separate letters dated March 26, informed PDP President Mehbooba Mufti and her mother that their passports were denied due to “adverse CID reporting”, which is required under the provisions of the Passport Act 1967. Gulshan Nazir also received the same letter. However, it says that women can appeal the decision in a higher forum provided by the MEA.
Mehbooba and her mother had applied to renew their passports after they expired in May last year, in December. However, he did not obtain his passport until March 2021, after which he approached the J&K high court.
Mehbooba said that this shows the level of normality achieved in Kashmir. She tweeted: “The Passport Office refused to issue my passport based on the CID report, citing that it is ‘detrimental’ to the security of India. This is the level of normality achieved in Kashmir since August 2019 that a former -CM having a passport is a threat to the sovereignty of a powerful nation. ” She released the passport office letters they sent her.
J & K’s superior court heard the petition on March 23, in which additional counsel general TM Shamsi, representing the MEA and the passport office, requested a brief postponement after the attorney representing J & K’s CID informed the Judge Ali Mohammed Magrey that the verification report on Mehbooba’s passport application had been submitted on March 18.
However, Shamsi informed the court that he had received a communication from the passport officer in Srinagar on March 22 and the content “reveals that the petitioner’s verification is in process and as soon as the process is completed, the required report will be submitted. immediately to proceed with the course of action. ”
“The communication further reveals that the CID’s verification report regarding the JK CID petitioner is still awaited,” Judge Magrey said.
HC rejects Mehbooba’s plea:
On Monday, the HC of Jammu and Kashmir rejected the request of the head of the PDP and former CM Mehbooba Mufti, seeking instructions for the issuance of the passport.

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