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Mamata has to be defeated to bring about the much desired change in Bengal: Amit Shah in Nandigram | India News


NANDIGRAM: Exuding confidence that BJP candidate Suvendu Adhikari will win the Nandigram elections by a record margin, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said Tuesday that defeating TMC head Mamata Banerjee, a co-contestant of the seat, it was “absolutely necessary to bring about the much desired change in Bengal.
Shah, while speaking to reporters at a party office in Nandigram, said that the margin of victory for the saffron field “should be so great that no politician will dare to mislead the masses with false promises anymore.”
“By defeating Mamata didi in Nandigram, you can achieve the much desired change in West Bengal. If you defeat her here, the TMC will automatically be defeated in other parts of the state,” he said.

Referring to a recent rape incident in Nandigram, Shah wondered why women are not safe in the state, despite the “high claims” made by Banerjee.
“He talks a lot about the safety of women. What is the situation here? A woman was raped here, a few kilometers from where she stayed in Nandigram,” he said.
All eyes are on the Nandigram battlefield, where West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has faced her protégé-turned-rival Adhikari.

The constituency campaign, which will go to the polls on April 1, will end at 5 pm.
Earlier in the day, in a show of power, Shah went on a massive tour of the high-profile constituency.
Standing on a truck, adorned with flowers and BJP flags, Shah, with Adhikari at his side, greeted the enthusiastic crowds that gathered along the four-kilometer stretch between Bethuria and Rayapara in the East Midnapore assembly segment. .

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