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India at risk, health infrastructure could be flooded: Center to the states | India News


NEW DELHI: With many states facing a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, the government said Tuesday that the entire country was at risk and warned that health infrastructure could be flooded.
The Center warned states and UT that the current increase in cases had the potential to overwhelm the healthcare system unless urgent action was taken. He said Delhi, taken as a single administrative unit, with 8,032 active cases, was now among the 10 highest-burden districts in the country.

Maharashtra remains the hardest hit with eight districts on the list, while Karnataka has one, Bengaluru Urban, among the most burdened districts.
“The situation is going from bad to worse. This is a cause for great concern. No state, no part of the county should be complacent. Trends show that the virus is still very active and can penetrate our defenses. When we think we have controlled it, it fights back. There is a concern that we should all be aware of, ”said Dr. VK Paul, a member of Niti Aayog and Health.
Paul added that the country was facing a severe and intense situation and that the entire country was at potential risk.
In a letter to the chief secretaries of state, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan called on all districts, regardless of whether they were seeing an increase in cases or not, to come up with a ‘district action plan’ with clear timelines and responsibilities. to control the spread of infection. .
“The current increase in cases is cause for concern and has the potential to overwhelm the healthcare system, unless it is controlled at this time,” Bhushan said in the letter, outlining steps that must be taken to stop the increase.
The Center has recommended that states and UT significantly increase testing along with a high proportion of RT-PCR testing, tracking 25-30 contacts per positive case, isolation, and larger containment zones. “Test, track, treat” is still the key, Bhushan said.

States have also been recommended to conduct case mapping based on surveillance activities. Additionally, states must ensure compliance with appropriate Covid behavior, if necessary, through the use of the Police Act. On Monday, 56,211 people tested positive for Covid-19. India’s average weekly positivity rate for the last week was 5.65%.
However, in Maharashtra, the positivity rate in the last week exceeded 23%, underscoring the need to significantly increase testing. Average daily Covid-19 cases have risen from 3,051 in the second week of February (10-16) to 34,456 in the last week of March (24-30) in Maharashtra. The government said that the rapid daily increase in cases and deaths in Maharashtra showed that essential public health activities were not being carried out.
Apart from Maharashtra and Delhi, the other high-burden states include Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Punjab.

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