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DGCA to Airports: Consider Fines Passengers for Not Wearing Masks Correctly | India Business News


NEW DELHI: Passengers who violate Covid rules at airports could soon end up paying fines, as well as face action in other sections. Finding “unsatisfactory” compliance with the travel protocol in times of pandemic at airports, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Tuesday ordered all airport operators to explore “the possibility of taking punitive measures, such as the imposition of one-off fines … a deterrent to violation of the Covid-19 protocol. ”
After having airlines whip the whip on non-compliant in-flight travelers, including unloading before take-off or handing over to police upon landing, passengers who refused to wear the masks properly, the regulator now has focused its attention on airports. He carried out surprise checks at several airports in recent days to see how local administration, security and other agencies were addressing this problem.
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“During the surveillance of some airports, it has been observed that the compliance is not satisfactory. Therefore, all airport operators are requested to ensure that the Covid-19 protocol instructions of wearing face masks correctly, covering the nose and mouth, as well as maintaining the norms of social distance within airport facilities. All airport operators can improve surveillance to this end ”, says the DGCA circular entitled“ Enhanced surveillance for the Covid-19 protocol at airports ”.
“The possibility of taking punitive measures, such as the imposition of specific fines in accordance with the law, will also be explored with the local police authorities to serve as a deterrent for the violation of the Covid-19 protocol,” he has directed all the operators of the airport.
Airlines have started to wave the whip of defiant steering wheels. As of last week, three Indian airlines had started the process of putting 15 domestic travelers on the no-fly list. These 15 are likely to be banned from flying for up to three months, under the DGCA rogue flight rules.
Of these 15 passengers, three were unloaded before takeoff for refusing to wear a PPE gown as required in their middle seats or masks. The other 12 were turned over to the police upon landing at the destination.
In addition, IndiGo had initiated actions against 9 passengers (1 unloaded and others delivered to the arrival of the police) from so many flights; Alliance Air against four passengers of a flight and AirAsia India against two passengers (both unloaded before departure) of a flight. These violations were reported between March 15 and 23.

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