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Why was Amit Shah a mom when Hathras took place? Mamata on the death of an old woman | India News


NANDIGRAM: Amid the furor over the death of an 82-year-old “mother of a BJP worker” in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that she does not support violence against women and is unaware of the real reason behind death. and wondered why Union Interior Minister Amit Shah is silent when women are “tortured to death” in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh.
The BJP claimed that the elderly woman, the mother of a party worker, succumbed to injuries sustained during an attack by supporters of the Trinamool Congress in the Nimta area of ​​the Parganas district of northern West Bengal last month.
“I don’t know how the sister died. We do not support violence against women. We have never supported violence against my sisters and mothers.
“But the BJP is now politicizing the issue. Amit Shah is tweeting and saying Bengal Ka Kya Haal hain. Why is he keeping quiet when women are attacked and brutalized in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh?” Banerjee said while addressing a rally in Nandigram.
Noting that the Model Code of Conduct is in force, law and order are now under the jurisdiction of the ECI, Banerjee said: “Three Trinamool Congressional workers have been assassinated in recent days.”
The Union Interior Minister tweeted in the morning: “Distressed by the death of the Bengals’ daughter, Shova Majumdar ji, who was brutally beaten by TMC thugs.
“The pain and injuries of her family will haunt Mamata didi for a long time. Bengal will fight for a tomorrow free of violence, Bengal will fight for a safer state for our sisters and mothers.”

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