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Main Maoist among 5 killed in Gadchiroli | India News


NAGPUR: Bhaskar Hichami, 46, with 155 crimes against him, including 41 murders and 78 encounters, was one of five Maoists killed in a fierce shooting with the Crack-60 commandos in the Khobramenda forest of the Gadchiroli district in eastern Maharashtra on Monday. He wore a reward of 25 lakh rupees on his head.
Among the materials seized are an AK 47, a 303 rifle, a 12-gauge 8mm rifle, detonators and a laptop. Apart from the five dead, two bodies of his companions were dragged away by the local Maoists.
Hichami, secretary of the Maoist North Gadchiroli Division and a member of the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZCM), was the mastermind behind the 2019 Jambhulkheda explosion in which 15 police officers and one civilian were killed. It is known that Hichami was upset by the questionable encounter with the death of his wife Ramko and had planned the Jambhulkheda explosion and the Dadapur burning as revenge. Before the explosion, the Naxals commanding Hichami had burned more than 30 vehicles in the village of Dadapur. Hichami’s bodyguard, Asmita Pada, was also killed. Pada was part of the Tipagarh Local Organization Squad (LOS).
Another high-ranking Maoist cadre, Sukhdeo Neitam, deputy commander of Tipagarh LOS, was among the five killed. He also had five murder cases against him. The other two Maoist casualties were Amar Kunjam from Kasnasur LOS and Sujata Atram from Platoon 15. Sujata also had 31 crimes against her, including 11 murders.
A considerable number of Maoists had gathered in the northern part of the district with sabotage plans as part of their ongoing Tactical Counteroffensive Campaigns (TCOC). Gadchiroli police commandos had also stepped up their counter-domain exercises in remote corners of the district and where Maharashtra shares borders with Chhattisgarh and Telangana.
Search operations are underway in the locality.
DIG, Naxal Mountain Range, Sandip Patil, said operations were already underway in the northern part of the district after information was received about the Maoist movement in that stretch.
“After the initial meeting about two days ago, our first group had returned. So the Naxals weren’t expecting us to get into a second team so soon. This took them by surprise, he said.” Today, we surrounded the Naxals from all sides and left them with minimal exit points. The Naxals tried to flee through a narrow stretch and were hit, “Patil said.

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