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Deshmukh ‘accidental interior minister’, says Raut de Sena | India News


MUMBAI: Shiv Sena official Sanjay Raut on Sunday called Anil Deshmukh an “accidental interior minister.”
In his weekly column on Sena spokesman Saamna, Raut said Deshmukh got the local portfolio only because other potential NCP candidates like Jayant Patil and Dilip Walse-Patil weren’t ready to accept this crucial position.
Within hours of the article’s appearance, Vice Minister Ajit Pawar reacted sharply and warned Raut that no one should play “party pooper” when the tripartite government (Sena-NCP-Congress) was functioning properly.
Raut called the household’s portfolio “prestigious” and wrote that the interior minister “should not be working in the company of suspects.” “The police department has already been defamed, and besides, such things raise doubts. Deshmukh got into trouble with some senior officials for no reason. The interior minister should speak the least, only if necessary, from time to time, and keep a distance from the media. The head of the police department is not there just to receive a ‘hello’, but is meant to offer strong leadership. How can we forget that such toughness comes from honesty? “he He said.
Raut also requested an investigation into the “unlimited power” granted to the arrested police officer Sachin Waze when he was only an officer of the rank of deputy police inspector.
“If Waze was extorting money while sitting at the police station, then why didn’t the Home Secretary know about it?” the Sena official questioned.
He also noted that the “extortionist” API was initially defended in the state legislature. However, no one was willing to respond after Param Bir Singh made accusations against Deshmukh. Subsequently, “the media was taken over by opposition leaders for a time, which was terrible,” said the Sena deputy.
Raut further said that there were “some loopholes” in state governance, stating that the MVA alliance does not have any mechanism for “damage control”. He said that no one came forward from the government side to respond to the allegations made by Singh, who in his letter to the chief minister, accused the interior minister of asking Waze to raise 100 million rupees every month from bars and restaurants in Mumbai. . Raut also claimed that some of the incidents in recent months raised questions about the “character” of Maharashtra.
Pawar also told the media in Baramati that the allocation of cabinet posts is the prerogative of the head of each ruling party in the coalition government and that Congress and Shiv Sena are following a similar method. He suggested to Raut that the portfolio allocation should be respected rather than making unwarranted comments.

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