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Covid-19: India crosses the 12 million mark; more than 84% of new cases in 8 states | India News


NEW DELHI: India recorded 68,020 new coronavirus cases in a 24-hour span, the highest increase in a single day so far this year, bringing the country’s Covid-19 count to more than 1.20 million rupees, according to data from the Union Health Ministry updated on Monday.
Posting a steady increase for the 19th consecutive day, active cases rose to 5,21,808, accounting for 4.33 percent of total infections, while the recovery rate has further fallen to 94.32 percent, according to the data.
A total of 68,020 new cases were reported in one day, the highest on record since October 11 of last year, bringing the country’s case count to 1,20,39,644, while the death toll rose to 1 , 61,843 with 291 deaths, updated the data. at 8 am it showed up.
Up to 74,383 new cases were registered in a 24-hour span on October 11.

Covid-19: India crosses the 12 million mark; more than 84% of new cases in 8 states | India News

However, most new cases are restricted to only select states. Eight states: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Chhattisgarh have reported large numbers of new Covid cases daily. 84.5% of new cases are reported in these 8 states.

There are ten states where the number of cases has increased since the last two weeks.
The number of active cases has crossed the 5 lakh mark. It only took four days for active cases to go from four to five lakhs, making it the fastest increase.
However, 80% of active cases are located in just five states.

The 291 new deaths include 108 from Maharashtra, 69 from Punjab, 15 from Chhattisgarh, 12 from Kerala and Karnataka, and 11 from Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
A total of 1,61,843 deaths have been reported in the country so far, including 54,181 from Maharashtra, 12,670 from Tamil Nadu, 12,504 from Karnataka, 11,006 from Delhi, 10,324 from West Bengal, 8,786 from Uttar Pradesh, 7,205 from Andhra Pradesh and 6,690 from Punjab.
The Ministry of Health highlighted that more than 70 percent of the deaths occurred due to comorbidities.

According to the ministry, the total vaccination coverage in India has exceeded 6 million rupees.
More than 6.05 crore (6.05,30,435) doses of vaccine have been administered across 9,92,483 sessions, according to the interim report as of 7 am.
This includes 81,56,997 healthcare workers (HCP) who have taken the first dose, 51,78,065 HCP who have taken the second dose, 89,12,113 first-line workers (PDA) who have received the first dose, and 36,92,136 PDA who have took the second dose, the ministry said.
In addition, 67,31,223 beneficiaries older than 45 years with specific comorbidities and 2,78,59,901 older than 60 years have also received the first dose.

Eight states (Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra) account for 60% of the cumulative doses of vaccine administered so far in India.
On March 28, day 72 of the vaccination campaign, a total of 2,60,653 doses of vaccine were administered. Of these, 2,18,798 beneficiaries were vaccinated in 7,465 sessions for the first dose of the vaccine and 41,855 TS and PDA received the second dose, the ministry said.
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