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Retired Superior Court Judge to Investigate Charges Against Me: Anil Deshmukh | India News


NAGPUR: Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh, who arrived in Nagpur on Sunday, said an investigation would be carried out into the allegations against him made by former Bombay PC Param Bir Singh by a retired high court judge .
Deshmukh, who had flown into the city to take a Covid surge review meeting, also said the truth would come out after the investigation.
Deshmukh, addressing the media, said that he had asked Chief Minister of State Uddhav Thackeray during a recent cabinet meeting to investigate the charges that Singh had leveled against him after the IPS officer was transferred as DG Home guards. with Hemant Nagrale replacing him as Mumbai CP.
“Following my request during a cabinet meeting, CM has ordered an investigation into the accusations of ex-CP Singh from Mumbai against me. The investigation would be conducted by a retired High Court judge to determine the truth in such allegations, ‘Deshmukh said, adding that the facts will come to light.
Singh had blamed Deshmukh for pressuring senior officers to collect 100 million rupees for him in bars and similar venues and also interfered to register a crime in a suicide case, among other charges. CPN Supreme Sharad Pawar had dismissed charges that Deshmukh was in home quarantine during the period when Singh had claimed that the Interior Minister had met with officials to demand money. Later, Singh presented a case to the higher court requesting an investigation against Deshmukh.
The Home Secretary had also vigorously protested Singh’s allegations in a press release asking why the senior officer expressed his anger after being removed from office as PC of Mumbai. Deshmukh had also denied all the charges against him for being malicious.

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