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Largest weekly jump in Covid cases to date, deaths up 51% | India News


India saw a 51% increase in weekly Covid-19 cases, with the current week’s numbers 1.3 lakh higher than the previous seven-day count, making it the largest weekly increase in infections to date. . Deaths also saw the steepest increase in history of 51%, with 1,875 deaths during the week, the highest since December 21-27.
With new cases reaching a 168-day high of 68,266 on Sunday when Maharashtra reported a record 40,414 infections, India recorded more than 3.9 lakh of cases during the week (March 22-28), the highest since October.

Largest weekly jump in Covid cases to date, deaths up 51% | India News

The past week (March 15-21) had seen a 67% increase and cases increased by more than 1 lakh compared to the previous week. Taken together, the past few weeks have seen the worst increase in cases since the start of the pandemic.
The case count has tripled in the past three weeks, as 1.17 lakhs of cases were recorded during March 1-7, less than a third of the current week’s count of 3.93,056, based on data base. Covid data from TOI. India’s total number of Covid-19 cases surpassed 12 million (1.2 crore) on Sunday. With the number of pandemics on the rise again, the last million cases occurred in 35 days, almost half the time it took for the previous million (65 days).

Largest weekly jump in Covid cases to date, deaths up 51% | India News

Active cases of the virus also topped 5 lakh, with a single-day increase of 35,703 on Sunday. This was the fastest 1 lakh increase in active cases, with the count increasing from 4 lakh to 5 lakh in just three days. Deaths have also been on the rise. The current week’s death toll of 1,875 was not only the highest this year, but also a 51% increase from the previous week’s deaths, the steepest rise so far in the weekly death count.
Meanwhile, Karnataka became the fourth state in March to publish more than 3,000 new cases in one day.

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