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Investigate the disappearance of DVR from the higher police office: Cong | India News


MUMBAI: The Secretary General of the State Congress, Sachin Sawant, on Saturday asked the National Investigation Agency to investigate the “disappearance” of the digital video recorder from the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office.
“It is serious business. NIA must immediately intervene and search for the DVR. Surprisingly, more than a week after the NIA took over the investigation into the placement of explosives near the Mukesh Mumbai residence, it has not recorded any statements from none of the suspended assistant police inspector’s superiors Sachin Waze, ”Sawant said.
When contacted, former Mumbai Police Chief Param Bir Singh did not respond. The CoR refers to its mandate. Opposition leader and former CM Devendra Fadnavis said that “all of Waze’s godparents have been tense since the NIA took over the investigation.”
Sawant said: “We demand that the NIA first investigate Param Bir Singh and verify if he was aware of the DVR. If NIA is reluctant to investigate, the state department of origin must step in and initiate an investigation into the DVR’s disappearance. On March 10, ATS officially took the DVR from the Mumbai PC office for investigation, but the PC deemed it a mistake to hand the DVR over to ATS. He was later removed from ATS by a senior official in the PC’s office. Since then he has been missing. ”
Sawant claimed that on the DVR, not only Waze but even the movements of Scorpio and Innova were clearly visible. But the NIA has yet to summon any of Waze’s top officials. BJP has stopped demanding an investigation against Singh, as BJP’s goal is to divert attention from the Antilia case and the Mansukh Hiran murder case. The posts were changed for political reasons, ”he said.
On allegations that the DVR was missing, Fadnavis said it has very strong backing, so even if it is missing or stolen, no one will be able to destroy the record. “The fingerprint is collected in three places, so if the DVR is missing, the data will still be there,” he said. From Singh’s letter, Sawant alleged, it appears that he and Waze were holding hands, and that Waze reported to Mumbai CP on a daily basis even though he was not their direct boss.

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