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Divers Recover ‘Evidence’ Waze Dumped Into River | India News


MUMBAI: Arrested Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze was taken to the Mithi River in Mumbai by the National Investigative Agency on Sunday, from where the divers removed a laptop and a cell phone that belonged to him along with three hard drives, two license plates of cars and so many DVRs. The recorders are believed to contain footage from CCTV cameras at the Mumbai Police Headquarters and Thane Housing Society where Waze resides.
The NIA is seeking evidence based on a statement from Riyazuddin Kazi, a police officer who briefed Waze.
The items added to the body of evidence gathered by the NIA so far as part of its investigation into how an explosives-laden Scorpio was planted near the bungalow of industrialist Mukesh Ambani and the subsequent murder of car owner Mansukh Hiran.
One of the recovered DVRs contained footage of the movement of vehicles at the city police headquarters, while the second reportedly has video evidence of one of the two vehicles involved in the crime parked in the housing society. by Waze.
The sources said that Riyazuddin Kazi’s statement was recorded before a magistrate under Section 164 of the CrPC, which allows the later recovered items to be treated as evidence. “Kazi will be a witness in the case. We need to gather more information from him, ”said a source.
The gelatin-containing Scorpio was found outside Ambani’s residence on February 25. Hiran’s body was found in Mumbra Creek on the morning of March 5. Another vehicle, an Innova, had followed the Scorpio that had been parked in Waze’s society before being found near Ambani’s bungalow.
The recovery of the license plates is also significant, given that the Scorpio and Innova had fake license plates. Police had questioned the owners of two stores who allegedly made license plates at Waze’s behest.
The suspects in the case had used several mobile phones without security features that had been purchased on the gray market. These phones were later destroyed, the NIA found. Waze’s phone was also missing.
On Sunday, the NIA seized the Innova lying with the city police department of motor transportation.
Authorities said the agency hired five to six professional divers to retrieve evidence from the Mithi River.

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