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Crude bombs, domestically made firearms seized in Bengal, bound for the ballot box | India News


PACKAGING: A large number of bombs and various firearms of domestic manufacture were seized in different areas of the polls in the 24th district of Parganas in southern West Bengal, police said on Sunday. Acting on an advisory, police personnel seized 48 raw bombs on Sunday near a body of water in the village of Kathipota in the area of ​​the Narendrapur police station, an official said.
The crude pumps were deactivated and more investigations are underway, he said.
An arms factory was also detained in the village of Merigunj in the area of ​​the Kultali police station on Saturday night, another officer said.
The owner of the home, where the illegal weapons manufacturing unit operated, was arrested, he said.
Four locally made firearms and one unfinished weapon were seized, the officer added.
These areas will go to the polls in the third phase on April 6.

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