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Pakistan Agencies Desperate To Stop Extradition Of Key Company D Financier To US India News


LONDON / NEW DELHI: In a last-ditch effort, Pakistani agencies used all available resources to thwart the extradition of Dawood Ibrahim’s finance manager and key drug operator, Jabir Motiwala, to the United States.
Officials from the Pakistan High Commission in London were reportedly seen with Motiwala’s defenders, seeking Company D’s High Court Clerk’s appeal, in an attempt to avoid the final trial of Company D in the United States, sources from Indian intelligence agencies said.
Intelligence sources said that once the High Court approves the extradition of Jabir Motiwala, his subsequent trial in the United States on drug trafficking and money laundering charges will expose Company D’s link to the ISI and all of its operations in the underworld in an American court.
“Jabir’s trial could also highlight how Dawood, a global terrorist wanted for serial bomb explosions in Mumbai, has been operating out of Karachi and sharing drug routes with major ISI-sponsored terrorist groups,” said a senior ISI official. IPS in New Delhi.
Motiwala, who operates for Dawood Ibrahim, is a Pakistani national, currently incarcerated in Wandsworth Jail in South West London.
On Thursday, the High Court reserved its judgment on the extradition of Jabir Motiwala to the United States, previously granted by a Westminster trial court last year.
Sources said that in a few weeks, the High Court judgment on Motiwala’s fate could be expected. Meanwhile, a section of the Pakistani media has said that Motiwala, who comes from a wealthy family in Karachi, has been framed by US law enforcement agencies in drug operations.
On the other hand, US agencies have provided documentary evidence of D-Company’s drug trafficking and handling of finances, including tapes, against Motiwala in court.
Pakistani diplomats had previously tried to thwart the extradition by sending a letter on behalf of the defendant’s lawyer in magistrates court, saying that Motiwala was a “well-known respected businessman in Pakistan.”
Indeed, Pakistani diplomats fear that once Motiwala is extradited to the United States, the close associate of the D-company may reveal the entire nexus between Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld network (operated out of Karachi) and Don’s connection to the Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency.
The United States had already declared Dawood a global terrorist who runs an international drug syndicate and shares gang routes with Pakistan-based terrorist groups.
Sources said Dawood’s key financial aide Jabir Motiwala was brought before the London magistrate courts after his arrest by Scotland Yard’s Extradition Unit on charges of money laundering and distribution of obtained narcotics proceeds. on behalf of the D-Company.
Sources said attorney John Hardy, who appeared on behalf of the US government, had previously disclosed to the Magistrates Court that Jabir Motiwala, a close Dawood aide, traveled extensively and held meetings (related to the crimes of the underworld) for their chief Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian. who along with his brother Anees, are wanted for terrorist crimes in India.
During the extradition trial, the defense attorney for company member D told the court that Motiwala suffered from depression and had made several suicide attempts in recent years.
The lawyer argued that in such a situation, Motiwala cannot be extradited to the United States to face trial.
Sources said that, contrary to what defense attorneys claim, Motiwala has been investing Company D’s black money in various overseas projects. He is said to be involved in drug trafficking and also travels to raise money on behalf of the D-Company in Europe.
Sources said Motiwala’s extradition to the US, if upheld by a higher court, would be a setback for Dawood, as well as his backers in the Pakistani establishment.

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