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Night curfews, partial closures not working: Harsh Vardhan | India News


The night curfew and weekend closures will not have much effect on the transmission of the coronavirus, but public health measures, such as the vaccination campaign, could curb India’s second wave of Covid, said the minister of Cheers, Harsh Vardhan, at the Times Network India Economic Conclave on Friday.
“Physical distancing is a non-pharmaceutical intervention established to suppress Covid transmission,” Vardhan said, adding that guidelines should be evidence-based. “In this context, partial blackouts, such as night curfews or weekend blackouts, would not have much of an impact on transmission.”
He said the government would expand the vaccination campaign by gradually lowering the age limit for eligibility, but that it was first necessary to protect those most at risk and those involved in the response to the pandemic. “The government is working 24 hours a day evaluating various parameters with the intention of expanding the coverage umbrella to other sectors of the population.”
He said India’s response to the pandemic had been guided by science from the beginning. “From day one, we only rely on the evolution of scientific evidence to drive our decision making to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Our containment strategies, which have been praised around the world, were based on such scientific contributions. ”He added that India was using genome sequencing to track any changes in the nature of the virus.
However, he said the second wave was inevitable despite India’s preventive and proactive approach. “Historically, pandemics have come in waves and Covid is no exception. This was seen when the second wave hit Europe and America ”.
Vardhan said that India is now better prepared to face the challenges posed by Covid. Vaccination is a crucial part of the country’s response strategy, although it is unclear whether vaccines prevent transmission and how long their protection lasts. He also said that around six vaccines are in different stages of testing and that they will be granted permission to meet all legal requirements.

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