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Modi’s satyagraha talk in Dhaka sparks an online war | India News


Modi's satyagraha talk in Dhaka sparks an online war | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Dhaka declaring that he “performed a satyagraha, requested arrest and went to jail while fighting for the freedom of Bangladesh” sparked a dispute with congressional politicians who accused him of grandstanding and they took credit for an episode in which there was No Role.
Soon, BJP supporters responded vigorously and published copies of newspaper reports of Jan Sangh workers “courting arrest” as part of their satyagraha in August 1971, demanding that India recognize ‘Bangladesh’ as ​​a sovereign country. One report said that Gujarat workers were among those who offered “judicial arrest” as part of the 12-day satyagraha launched on August 1 of that year by Jan Sangh, as the BJP was known in its previous incarnation.
Earlier, Jairam Ramesh from Congress dug into the prime minister by sharing a reworked mock illustration from the photo taken during Pakistan’s surrender. The illustration was captioned, ‘All Political Science by Narendra Modi’.
The congressional deputy, Shashi Tharoor, accused the prime minister of manipulation, while sharing a video clip where Modi can be seen making the speech. “International education: Our prime minister is giving Bangladesh a taste of Indian ‘fake news’. The absurd thing is that everyone knows who liberated Bangladesh,” he wrote.
However, BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya said the prime minister’s claims were backed by a quote honoring former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He shared a picture mentioning a “Gana Satyagraha” organized by Jan Sangh on August 12, 1971, in front of Parliament to demand “quick support” from the government for the Bangladesh liberation war. “Was Modi part of the satyagraha organized by Jan Sangh for the recognition of Bangladesh? Yes, it was. A mention given by Bangladesh to Vajpayeeji speaks of the rally. Prime Minister Modi, in a book written in 1978, also wrote about going to Tihar during Bangladesh satyagraha, “wrote Malviya.
Some BJP supporters on Twitter also shared TOI images dated August 12, 1971. The article was titled “10,000 Jana Sangh Men Arrested in Court in Delhi.”


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