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‘I heard Hiran talk about pressure from Waze to acknowledge it’ | India News


MUMBAI: A hotelier and a police officer reportedly told the NIA that they heard businessman Mansukh Hiran mutter to himself about police officer Sachin Waze’s demand that he take responsibility for the automobile explosives case. On March 3, the day before Hiran’s murder, three police inspectors, a high-ranking police officer, and Waze tried to convince him to admit that he had parked the explosives-laden vehicle near Mukesh Ambani’s residence on February 25.
Sources said the meeting took place at Waze’s office at the city police headquarters. The NIA is investigating the automobile explosives case and the subsequent murder of the vehicle’s owner, Hiran, whose body was found in Mumbra Creek on March 5.
The meeting took place behind closed doors between 4.30 and 6.30 p.m., but the hotelier who had come to deliver ‘hafta collection’ claimed that Hiran, who left the meeting, was muttering to himself about the unreasonable demand when he did not had done nothing. wrong. An agent also heard this, sources said. The hotelier also claimed that Hiran kept going in and out of the meeting room.
The hotelier, who is likely a witness, told the NIA that Hiran was firm in his decision not to acknowledge the crime, but Waze insisted he should think twice. “In the meantime, Waze ordered a sandwich and tea. Then a superior officer arrived and Hiran was called back into the Waze booth.
Hiran was upset, confused and started muttering to himself about why he should take responsibility when he had done nothing wrong. A police officer who was sitting there has corroborated this with the NIA official, ”said a source.
Meanwhile, the ATS that submitted the interrogation report of convicted police officer Vinayak Shinde, asked the NIA to ask L&T to retain CCTV footage of Freeway, Mulund toll naka, and other locations where Waze footage was captured and his accomplices. “It is a crucial piece of evidence and after a certain period of time, the old data will be overwritten,” said an official.
Citing progress in the investigation, the NIA had claimed that they had recovered license plates and five vehicles, including high-end ones that Waze allegedly used in the crimes.
The NIA has also subpoenaed the two physicians who performed the autopsy on Hiran as there are discrepancies. The NIA also claimed that Rs 5.73 lakh were recovered, along with a banknote counting machine and clothing worn by the defendant. The NIA, during the hearing on Waze’s custody extension on March 25, said that Waze’s voice samples were sent to FSL along with clips showing the defendant moving suspiciously.

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