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Confronting BJP-hired thugs with ladla and spatula, Mamata tells women in Bengal | India News


KOLKATA: Claiming that the BJP was bringing in thugs from outside to prevent people from exercising their right to vote in Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee urged women on Saturday to “confront the thugs with ladle, spatula” and other utensils cooking.
Addressing two public demonstrations in Narayangarh and Pingla in the West Midnapore district, the TMC chief dubbed bte noire Suvendu Adhikari and his family as “traitors”, and claimed that a family member was seen distributing money among the people. on Friday night, hours before 30 the electoral districts of the state assembly went to the polls.
“Yesterday one of the Adhikari brothers was seen handing out money … The women in the area caught him red-handed and asked the police to arrest him. They also handed over to the police more than 30 thugs, all hired from outside,” He said. saying.
Banerjee affirmed that the fate of the saffron party will be sealed after the first phase of the polls.
“The BJP is bringing thugs from outside Bengal to places where the party has some foothold. I will urge the women of the state to come out with ‘hata and khunti’ (ladle and spatula) and confront the thugs.”
In addition, he asked the Electoral Commission to ensure that the assembly’s votes are carried out fairly.
“Amit Shah from Delhi wants to hold the elections in Bengal. With all due respect to the Electoral Commission, I urge the electoral body to ensure that the elections are held in a free, fair and impartial manner,” the CM stressed. swipe your finger over to the Home Secretary.
The TMC chief also said that she will settle in the Purba Medinipur constituency, Nandigram, where elections are scheduled for April 1, to monitor the activities of the ‘Mir jafars’ (traitors).
Three members of the Adhikari family, who wield considerable influence in Purba Medinipur, left the TMC and joined the saffron camp in recent months.
Banerjee is locked in a fierce battle against her former lieutenant Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram.
“I was responsible for giving them fat positions in public offices. However, they betrayed the TMC and went to the BJP … they were lured with money,” he added.

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