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CJI Bobde Praises Goa’s Uniform Civil Code | India News


CJI Bobde Praises Goa's Uniform Civil Code | India News

PANAJI: Chief Justice of India SA Bobde praised Goa’s uniform civil code on Saturday and said that the state already has what the framers of the Constitution envisioned for all of India. “I have had the great privilege of administering justice under that code,” Bobde said at the opening of a new superior court building in Porvorim.
“It applies in marriage and succession, ruling all Goans regardless of religious affiliation. I have heard many academics speak about the uniform civil code. I would ask all those intellectuals to just come here and observe the administration of justice. to find out what it is turns out to be, “he said.
Bobde, who often sat in Goa during his tenure as a Bombay HC judge, said that something unique to this court is the variety of cases.
“In India, if there is any bank that gives you the variety of experiences and challenges like the Supreme Court, it is just the Constitution bank in Goa. When you sit on a Constitution bank in Goa, you can expect to hear an acquisition case. of land, a homicide appeal under Section 302, a public interest litigation, an administrative law issue, income tax, sales tax, and excise duty. ”
Speaking of the Liberation of Goa, he said that although Goa was liberated later than the rest of the country, the most distinctive thing was that it was “completely bloodless”.
“No shots were fired, no bodies were taken. When the Liberation took place, there were some incidents, but basically it was not a conflict between the two armies, which is very different from Liberati-on in other places like Hyderabad,” he said. saying.


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