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Amid the Rise of Covid, the Center’s 5-Step Containment Strategy for States | India News


NEW DELHI: India is witnessing a sharp rise in coronavirus infections, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Saturday met with officials from the 12 worst affected states and presented a five-fold containment strategy to control the situation .
States were informed that the country has experienced the steepest increase in weekly cases and deaths since May last year and that up to 46 districts accounted for 71% of cases and 69% of deaths this month, the Ministry of Union Health in a report. statement.

He added that 25 of the 36 districts of Maharashtra are severely affected by the virus and account for almost 60% of the new cases reported in the country.
In a detailed presentation, the health secretary said that granular analysis revealed that nearly 90% of Covid deaths remain in the category of those over 45.
Citing a central study, Bhushan said it was found that while 90% of people are aware of the situation, only 44% wear face masks.
“An infected person could spread Covid-19 to an average of 406 other people in a 30-day period without restrictions, which could be reduced to just 15 by reducing physical exposure to 50% and an additional average of 2.5 by reducing physical exposure. to 75%, “the states were told.
During the meeting, it was also highlighted that the “second wave” in India reflects greater laxity on the part of the people, as Covid standards are not being followed properly.
“Therefore, strict measures including effective containment and contact tracing for at least 14 consecutive days in all 46 districts were strongly recommended to break the chain of transmission and not waste the achievements of last year’s collaborative efforts. “said the statement from the Ministry of Health.
Bhushan also recommended the following fivefold containment strategy to curb the situation.

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