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Almost 80% stake in West Bengal, over 72% in Assam as of 5pm: EC | India News

NEW DELHI: Voter turnout of 79.79% was recorded in West Bengal and 72.14% in Assam as of 5pm Saturday in the first phase of assembly elections in these states, the Election Commission said.
Voting took place in 30 assembly constituencies in West Bengal and 47 seats in Assam in this phase with a total of 21,825 polling stations.
During the polls, 10,288 voting units (BU), control units (CU) and VVPAT were used in West Bengal and 11,537 voting units, CU and 37 VVPAT in Assam. A control unit, in VVPAT and at least one voting unit make an EVM.
“The rate of non-operation during the survey is lower than that experienced in the last surveys,” said an EC statement without giving further details.
On Saturday, a total of 167 cases of violations of the Model Code of Conduct were reported via the West Bengal app cVIGIL, of which 111 were removed at 4.30pm.
Similarly, 582 cases were reported from Assam and 423 were cleared as of 4.30pm.
From the election notification date to the first phase of voting, a record seizure of Rs 281.28 crore has been made in these states.
The seizure figure, which includes cash, liquor, narcotics and gifts, is more than four times higher than the combined total seizure of Rs 60.91 crore in 2016 assembly polls.
To date, Rs 97.31 million have been seized in Assam (compared to a total seizure of Rs 16.58 million in 2016 assembly polls) and a total of Rs 183.97 million in Bengal Western (compared to a total seizure of Rs 44.33 crore in 2016 assembly polls).
The survey panel said it had placed great emphasis on ensuring transparent and vigilant mechanisms to conduct elections that are free from incentives and intimidation.
In West Bengal, nearly 74 lakh of voters in 10,288 polling stations had registered to exercise their right to vote at this stage.
Voting was carried out in 47 constituencies of the Assam assembly with a total of 81 lakh of voters registered in 11,537 polling stations.
The number of polling stations had increased as the number of voters per polling station dropped from 1,500 to 1,000 taking into account social distancing rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
As an important push to carry out free and fair elections, live monitoring and webcasting mechanisms were established for more than 50% of polling stations, including critical and vulnerable polling booths, to ensure a safe environment in the areas. voting.
The Commission, state election directors, district election officials and observers were able to watch the live broadcast and closely monitor these voting booths in Assam and West Bengal.
Webcasting arrangements were established for 5,392 polling stations in West Bengal and 5,039 polling stations in Assam, the EC said.
All polling stations were instructed to follow Covid-19 security protocols.

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