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Wiretapping: Fadnavis Says Investigation Report Full of Fallacies | India News

MUMBAI: BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis alleged on Friday that the investigative report submitted to the Maharashtra government by Chief Secretary of State Sitaram Kunte on the wiretapping allegations is full of fallacies.
Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray had asked Kunte to submit the report on the alleged police transfer fraud following allegations by Fadnavis that the state government suppressed the letter or report from IPS officer Rashmi Shukla, based on wiretaps. , about a “transfer scam”.
Kunte’s report stated, “Despite stamping the letter as TOP SECRET, Rashmi Shukla appears to have leaked the letter, which is a very serious matter. If proven, she will be held liable for the strictest actions against her.”
In this regard, Fadnavis said on Friday: “The Indian Telegraph Act cited in the report is presented to the public in a manner convenient for the government. The report itself is full of fallacies. Although there are sufficient provisions to wiretap the calls. phone calls, the government is not willing to accept it. ”
“The then-DGP Subodh Jaiswal had recommended a CID investigation (into the alleged transfer scam) based on conversations between police officers and others involved in it. So why was no action taken on his recommendations? ” I ask.
The law empowers the official to intercept calls to prevent any possible wrongdoing that might occur, he said, adding that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of the Maharashtra police has all the rights to conduct wiretapping.
When asked about the leak of the ‘top-secret’ report, the opposition leader in the state Assembly said: “He had only shared a two-page letter (related to Shukla’s letter), while it was Minister of State Nawab Malik who leaked some of his pages. Some journalists even contacted me after receiving Malik’s report. ”
If any action needs to be taken, it should be against Malik, he added.
“I believe that state ministers Malik or Jitendra Awhad had prepared the report and Chief Secretary Kunte must have signed it. I have enough evidence with me. If there is legal action, I will present it to the court,” he said.
Of all the names mentioned by Malik who cite the list, 12 officials have received the posts at his request, he said.
Awhad had alleged on Wednesday that Shukla, then Intelligence Commissioner, asked permission to intercept calls from certain people, but in reality other people’s calls were tapped.

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