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‘They are drops in the ocean of women’s contribution’ | India News


'They are drops in the ocean of women's contribution' | India News

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On Thursday, the Supreme Court listed 26 prominent female Army officers who broke the glass ceiling but stumbled upon an unsurpassed “structure created by men for men” in the Army to be disqualified from the permanent commission (PC).
A bench of judges DY Chandrachud and MR Shah said: “Even female officers who have been awarded the prestigious recognition card of the Chief of Staff of the Army (COAS) have been denied PC.
“As an example, Lt. Col. Shikha Yadav (as well as several other female officers) have been said to have been denied the CP, although they have been awarded the COAS mention. Lieutenant Colonel Tashi Thapliyal received the Vishisht Seva medal. Several female officers who have served in UN missions abroad have been denied CP. There are female officials who have excelled in national sporting events, exemplified by Major Pallavi Sharma, who has a proven track record in shooting championships that has been ignored. ”
The bank added: “We cite these examples only to reflect the outstanding nature of the service of women officers of the Short Service Commission. We do so in full recognition of the fact that these cases are simply a drop in the ocean of the contribution of women officers in the military. ”
Lieutenant Colonel Anuja Yadav: First female officer of an engineer regiment. Selected for a UN mission as a military observer. Instructor of the Faculty of Military Engineering. In charge of the active training of operational works
Lieutenant Colonel Archana Sood: First female officer to be assigned to the 7th Engineer Regiment, Madras Sappers; Higher course for geographic information officers. Grade ‘A’ in CDAC Pune’s 2004 Geographical Information and Remote Sensing course. First female officer to be assigned to the Military Police Corps. Knowledge domain in surveys and remote sensing. Served in operational areas, counterinsurgency (CI) operations
Lieutenant Colonel Julee: Trained the first group of female police officers for Assam Rifles in 2014-16. Selected to train the first group of female military police officers in training at the CMP Center and School, Bengaluru. Participated in active CI doing ROP without incident in Anantnag district during rock throwing in 2016-17; participated in active post-Uri attack operations with the unit
Lieutenant Colonel Gopika Bhati: Only officer to receive GOC-in-C commendation card for performing emergency duties in Northern Command in 2016. Active participation in Op Cloud Burst (rescued lives of foreign nationals and Indians), Op Parakram, Op Vijay. Represented India in grass tennis, squash player nationwide
Lieutenant Colonel Saras Handa: Only female officer to be included in the UAV logistics course in Israel. He participated in Op Vijay and Op Parakram. Included in the foreign language group IHQ. He participated in marathons in the high altitude area (Leh). Polyglot, double master’s degree in microbiology and English, MBA and law degree. Five outposts on the ground, including counterinsurgency and high mountain areas. Volunteer for Siachen
Lieutenant Colonel Nisha Rani: Army Commander Commendation Card Awarded. Served in ERE with Army Aviation Corps
Lieutenant Colonel Navneet Khangura: First female officer assigned to a signal regiment of the infantry division. First female officer stationed in a signal regiment of the armored division. First to be selected for the UN mission as a military observer. He participated in Op Parakram. Experience in the domain of cybersecurity
Lieutenant Colonel Poonam Sharda: Arms Intelligence Corps; First female officer to serve in the CI – 21 ISIC Doda unit under force D, which equates to a tenure in RR for intelligence officer. Interpreter of satellite images for the last eight years. Only female officer of the Intelligence Corps qualified as an interrogation panel
Lt Col Preen Verma: First female officer to be assigned to the Border Roads Organization in the Corps of Engineers in 2003. Silver medal at the first Asian White Water Rafting Championships in September 2003. Handled MES law and DV cases throughout 17 years in the Corps of Engineers
Vanita Dhaka: First female officer to lead the race and obtain the DGEME’s best off-road officer trophy. OTA Gold Medal Graduate
Major Garima Gulati: Grade ‘A’ in SODE and MLIT courses. Served in the CI area from December 2013 to June 2016. All outstanding ACRs during the last three years
Lieutenant Colonel Ritu Srivastava: GoC-in-C Commendation Card. Participated in Op Parakram and Op Rakshak
Lieutenant Colonel Sonali Singh: First female officer in sub-zone HQ 21 to be commander of the convoy from Pathankot to Leh in 1999. First female officer to be officer in charge of the munitions depot, Valla (Amritsar), during Op Parakram
Major Pallavi Sharma: Participated in Op Parakram. He led the advance group to the front area during Op Vijay. Selected for AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit). Represented the Indian shooting team in Czech Republic and Hannover (2019). Represented the Army in more than 20 national championships. He won three gold and two silver medals.
Lieutenant Colonel Mamta Gupta: First female officer to be assigned to the Bengaluru Recruitment Center, Kapurthala and INI as a psychologist. First female officer to obtain a gold medal and a polyvalent officer trophy from the DGEME in the undergraduate degree. Twice he received a UN mission
Lieutenant Colonel (Dr.) Kamalpreet Saggi: BE (mechanic) MBA, PhD, TO course (psychologist). Posted in the Bhopal Selection Center as a Psychologist. The first female officer to obtain the gold medal and the DGEME off-road officer trophy in an undergraduate course twice received a UN mission
Lieutenant Colonel Asha Kale: First female officer stationed for Jammu and Kashmir in active CI. Deployed in advanced areas during Op Vijay and Op Parakram
Lieutenant Colonel Ipsa Ratha: Participated in Op Parakram. Three CI holdings (Ops) in the Northern Command and one CI holding (Ops) in the northeast. Award-winning GoC-in-C Compliment Card
Lieutenant col inderjeet kaur: Served in Strike Corps, Artillery Division. He participated in Op Parakram. Served on Op Rakshak and Op Rhino
Lieutenant Colonel Navneet Lobana: First female officer to make an appointment as a garrison engineer. Got the best GE trophy in Central Command. I raised a new unit, the GE command test lab, in Udhampur and got an outstanding report for the same
Lieutenant Colonel Anjali Bisht: Participated in nationals while representing the Army team. Army Commander Commendation Card
Lieutenant Colonel Amandeep Aulakh: First female officer to be assigned to the Armed Engineers Regiment. Participated in Op Prakaram
Lieutenant Colonel Manreet: Outstanding ACRs in AE Dating. He served as commander-in-chief in Arunachal Pradesh during the Doklam dispute when ammunition loads were required to be brought to the site of operations. Participated in Op Parakram, Op Vijay and Op Zafran and various exercises
Lieutenant Colonel Karuna: Commissioner in the Strike Corps and participated in Op Parakram
Lieutenant Colonel Preetal Parkhi: He volunteered for RR publishing and served in the Force Signals Regiment. He served three field holdings at J&K, including one RR and high altitude. Currently running IAF fixed line communications projects at SWAC


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