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Second wave peak in India probably last half of April: SBI report | India News


NEW DELHI: Even as India is experiencing an increase in daily Covid-19 cases, the second wave of the infection could last up to 100 days from February 15, says an SBI research report.
While the report estimates that the second wave will result in a total of around 25 lakh of Covid cases across the country based on trends through March 23, it predicts that India could peak in the second half of April.
The report, titled ‘Second Wave of Infections: The Beginning of the End?’, Also highlights Covid vaccination as a key tool in fighting the pandemic, particularly in India, which is seeing a surge at a time when vaccination is increasing. “Although global experience shows that the second wave is much more intense in intensity than the first, the presence of the vaccine makes a difference today. Therefore, India will be better able to handle the situation,” the report said. Increasing the speed of vaccination is the only way to win the battle against the pandemic, he said.
Currently, India is seeing an increase in daily cases with 53,476 new cases reported across the country on Wednesday. Of this, Maharashtra accounts for 31,855, followed by Punjab with 2,613 cases. Meanwhile, India has administered more than 5.3 crore of vaccine doses. Analysis at the district level reveals that cases have started to increase again in the 15 main districts, mostly urban, while the spread in rural districts is almost stable.
The report says that the cases are largely localized and argues that closure or restrictions may not help the situation and this is evident in Maharashtra and Punjab, where cases continue to increase. Instead, he argues that mass vaccination is the only hope.
While the government has decided to open vaccination for everyone over the age of 45 as of April 1, regardless of comorbidities, the report says that if more people come forward for immunization and daily inoculations increase to 40-45 lakh From the current peak level of 34 lakh, the goal for those over 45 can be met in 4 months from now, the report says.

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