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Rahul Gandhi becomes the reason for the fall of Cong: Adityanath | India News


NEW DELHI: Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath attacked Rahul Gandhi on Friday, saying the congressional leader does not speak for himself but relies on “borrowed wisdom” and that he is becoming a reason to the downfall of your party.
“Rahul ji apni buddhi se toh kuch kahte nahin. Udhar ki buddhi vivek nahin deti hai. (Rahul ji says nothing of his wisdom. The borrowed wisdom does not make sense of the reasoning)”, said Adityanath while answering a question about the criticism. to the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh under his rule.
Adityanath made the remarks at the Indian Economic Caucus which he attended via video bridge.
The prime minister said that since Gandhi hardly ever visits the state, he would have little information about the situation on the ground there.
When India faces a crisis, Rahul Gandhi does not remember the people of the country but his maternal grandmother in Italy, Adityanath said.
“Criticize the north when it is in the south, and the south when it is in the north (India),” the BJP leader said pointing to Gandhi, who is the MP for Wayanad in Kerala.
The congressional leader had contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections of Wayanad and Amethi, but lost to BJP’s Smriti Irani for the Uttar Pradesh seat.
Gandhi also criticizes India when it is abroad, Adityanath said, adding that when a person has that nature, their trustworthiness is in doubt.
Adityanath claimed that Gandhi is becoming a reason for the downfall of Congress.
To a question about opinion polls predicting another mandate for the Left Democratic Front in Kerala against the convention of the ruling party that will be overthrown in the next elections in the state, he said that the arrival of Gandhi to the state has caused a the fate of Congress there. .
Responding to a question about West Bengal’s chief minister and leader of the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee, said that it is an “ideological victory” for the BJP that people who used to describe going to the temple as “communal” are visiting temples.
“This may be due to the elections, but we regard it as our ideological victory. Ideological victory leads to real victory,” Adityanath said.
He recalled that restrictions were imposed on Durga Puja in West Bengal in 2018. Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath said, faced a similar situation when Durga Puja and Moharram fell at the same time.
He said his government allowed both of them by setting the time for the two of them when talking to stakeholders.
Later, the government of West Bengal approached the government of Uttar Pradesh to understand how it managed to allow both religious events, he claimed.
Predicting a victory for the BJP in the West Bengal polls, Adityanath said that all sectors of society want a change in the state.
He said Uttar Pradesh has made progress in all fields since the BJP came to power in the state in 2017. The size of its economy is now second in the country out of six in 2015-16, Adityanath said.
He said his government identified several fields to boost people’s income and improve the state’s economy. Per capita income has risen to 96,000 rupees from the previous 47,000 rupees, Adityanath said.
The state has seen private investment of more than 3 lakh crore rupees in the past four years, he said, adding that law and order have improved considerably and road and air connectivity has increased.

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