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How people dress, what they eat is not a matter of net: Irani | India News

NEW DELHI: The Minister of Development for Women and Children, Smriti Irani, said on Thursday that politicians have absolutely no right to speak about how they dress, what they eat and what they do as individuals.
The minister said that some things are “sacrosanct”, such as a woman’s right to choose to live her life and engage with society in any way she wants, while responding to a discussion about the “ripped jeans” controversy.
Irani’s comments came during a chat session titled ‘Ladies Leading’ at the Times Network India Economic Conclave. As part of the conversation, Irani was asked about Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat’s comment of “women should not wear ripped jeans”, which he tried to explain as a point about culture. Without naming Rawat, Irani said: “Regardless of whether they are men, women or transsexuals [persons]Politicians have absolutely no right to talk about how people dress, what they eat and what they do, because ultimately our service is to formulate policies and guarantee the rule of law. ”
She said that “many politicians, both men and women, have made missteps,” and then went on to point out that, with increasing urgency, there has been a conversation that certain things are sacrosanct. “One of them is a woman’s right to choose to live her life the way she wants and to participate with society as she sees fit … As long as I don’t break the law, I have nothing to do.”
When asked why he referred to Rawat’s comments as a “misstep”, Irani said: “Because no one in his enlightened mind would make that statement.”
Sharing her insight on her assignment as WCD minister, Irani said that “for a prime minister who says his main political agenda is women-led development, this is the best service he can provide in the best ministry in office. “. She said this in response to a question that the ministry did not do justice to her profile and that she deserved a higher position after a victory in Amethi, where she was declared a “killer of giants” after defeating Rahul Gandhi. Irani, without naming Rahul, joked: “He was hardly a giant.”
Regarding the prospects for Congress in West Bengal, he said: “Politically, Congress knows that in the World Bank, they have absolutely no profit to make. It says a lot about their leadership that they did not support their own workers and their own ecosystem.” He said that for “the first time in West Bengal, Congress, by its behavior and leadership, has accepted defeat even before the first vote is cast.”

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