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Showdown on Twitter: Clash of Opinions on Delhi Bill Passed in Parliament | India News


NEW DELHI. The controversial Delhi National Capital Territory Government (Amendment) Bill of 2021 granting some primary powers to the Lieutenant Governor over elected state government passed in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday with a vote of 83-45 amid the uproar. of various opponents. parties.

The law, which may face a new legal challenge from the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, establishes the status of the LG as in any other UT, equating the ‘government’ in Delhi with the LG.
The approval of the bill in both houses of parliament provoked mixed reactions on the microblogging platform Twitter. While some said the bill takes power away from the elected government, others emphasized that Delhi is a city and seat of the central government and therefore cannot afford two parallel power structures.

‘Now the AAP government cannot interfere with law and order’

‘Delhi needs a mayor, not a CM’

AAP MLA Atishi called the bill “unconstitutional” and said that BJP was afraid of CM Arvind Kejriwal’s model.

‘Delhi needs Kiran Bedi to improve’

‘Kashmir repeat’

‘Taxpayers’ money won’t go to waste now’

‘Betrayal of the voters of Delhi’

‘India is an electoral autocracy’

Old cuts from Kejriwal where he promised in Times Now that he would never join politics went viral

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