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BJP team urges Maha guv to submit a report to the Center | India News


MUMBAI: A delegation of BJP officials led by former prime minister and opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis met with Governor BS Koshyari on Wednesday morning, demanding that a report on the current situation in Maharashtra be presented to the Center.
Calling the government a “Maha Vasooli Aghadi”, Fadnavis said, referring to the alleged corrupt practices, that “all this was happening simply for the sake of power.” “All the incidents that are taking place are worrying, but the most worrying thing is the silence of the prime minister on the matter. He has not said a word about it. NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar addressed two press conferences, but the attempt was to cover things up. Congress does not appear to exist. They have not spoken; they say something else in Delhi and follow a completely different line here. What is your participation in all this because of your silence? Fadnavis asked.
“The government has not shown leadership. Although such a huge scandal has been exposed, whoever exposed it, action has been taken against that official, but no action has been taken against those who carried out the scandal. This government has renounced democracy and is doing what it pleases. He’s collecting haftas, indulging in transfer traffic … He’s not focused on tackling the Covid-19 crisis. Time for action, not speeches. Our colleague Sudhir Mungatiwar has brought to the attention of the governor 100 incidents in which the Constitution has been violated, ”the opposition leader also stated.
In reaction to the statement by Shiv Sena member Sanjay Raut, who called the exhibition a ‘lavender fataka’, Fadnavis said: ‘It will soon be revealed whether it is a’ lavender fataka ‘or an atomic bomb. So why are they so scared? If she is a ‘lavangi fataka’, why was she kept a secret since August 2020? Who are these people who are running the business, receiving the money, and who would be exposed because of this report? To protect these people, this report was kept secret. The truth will come out soon, ”added Fadnacis.
On the accusation that a police officer was a BJP agent, the opposition leader said: “If an officer is telling the truth, then that officer is a saffron party agent and if the officer collects hafta, then is he a Shiv Sena’s agent? They are all together in this vasooli hafta. ”
Fadnavis said that he had exposed the scandal for the sake of Maharashtra and that if the government wants to register a complaint, it should file a complaint against him. “I will go to court and prove the allegations I made,” Fadnavis added. The BJP has been holding demonstrations against the Maha Vikas Aghadi tripartite government across the state to protest alleged corruption and extortion.

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