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BCI Praises Supreme Court Decision To Drop Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan’s Complaint Against Judge NV Ramana | India News

CHENNAI: The Indian Bar Association (BCI) has welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to reject Andhra Pradesh Prime Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s complaint against the Indian-appointed Chief Justice NV Ramana.
On Wednesday night, the Supreme Court issued a short note saying that the complaint of October 6, 2020 from the Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh “was processed according to internal procedure, and the same, with due consideration, was dismisses “.
The note further stated: “It should be noted that all matters dealt with within the framework of the internal procedure that are strictly confidential in nature cannot be made public.”
Welcoming the result, BCI President Manan Kumar Mishra said: “The allegations were of an extremely serious nature that the Honorable Judge NV Ramana was trying to influence the state judiciary to destabilize the state government. But, the Indian Bar Association, shortly after seeing the unfounded complaint, was of the clear opinion that the complaint was unfounded. The dismissal of the complaint by the Supreme Court has shown that it was a deliberate attempt to destabilize the judiciary. The complaint had been made for political reasons, which is now well established. The conviction and faith of the entire Bar Association and the nation have been reaffirmed today in the judiciary. ”
Commending Chief Justice of India SA Bobde for the bold decision, Mishra said: “The legitimate dismissal of the baseless complaint has again demonstrated your boldness and fairness. It has established that the truth always triumphs ”.
“Chief Justice Bobde is a magnanimous personality with immense legal acumen, wisdom and insight,” Mishra said, adding: “He has served the judicial machinery to the best of his ability and the country will remember his contribution forever. We are also happy that Judge Bobde’s successor, Judge Ramana, is no less a worthy personality and is a person of immense insight, wisdom and legal acumen ”.
Tamil Nadu Defenders Association (TNAA) President S Prabakaran, who is also an appointed senior advocate and co-chair of the Council of Lawyers of India, praised the decision as timely and thanked the high court for its effort to isolate the judiciary from external attacks.

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