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Opposition MLA hold parallel House session at Bihar assembly premises India News


PATNA: Opposition MLAs held a parallel assembly session chaired by RJD leader Bhudev Choudhary on the Bihar assembly lawn on Wednesday, even as proceedings were unfolding in the state legislature.
Choudhary officiated as ‘Spokesperson’ for the proceedings in the parallel assembly, which was held to protest the uproar in the state assembly yesterday over the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021.
“I was chosen as the ‘Spokesperson’ for this session and I have asked members to elect a prime minister,” said Bhudev Choudhary.
Participants in the ‘parallel Assembly session’ that included members of the RJD, Congress, CPI-ML, CPI and CPM were also seen carrying banners with slogans against the ruling NDA government.
Meanwhile, the Bihar state legislature witnessed the vote for the post of vice-speaker of the chamber. The NDA candidate, Maheshwar Hazari, was elected by voice vote in the absence of opposition members in the chamber.
Earlier today, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav demanded an apology from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the eviction of MLAs from the state assembly after an uproar over the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021 .
The RJD leader also threatened to boycott the remaining sessions of the assembly during the current government’s term if Nitish Kumar did not apologize.
Tuesday night, the assembly session saw multiple postponements as RJD leaders shouted slogans against the bill. After some opposition leaders prevented spokesperson Vijay Kumar Sinha from leaving his chamber, police personnel arrived at the assembly hall to evict members of the Liberation Army. Women members of the security staff carried out acts of repression of the opposition in the assembly building.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said: “I have never seen such activities in the assembly. They (the opposition MLAs) should have participated in the debate. We would have answered all their questions (about the Police Bill Bihar Special Navy, 2021).
The provisions of the bill empower the Special Armed Police to conduct searches and arrests without presenting a warrant.

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