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SC suspends pending proceedings in HCs for reasons to regulate OTT platforms | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday suspended pending proceedings before several higher courts across the country for reasons related to the regulation of over-the-top (OTT) platforms.
A bank headed by Judge DY Chandrachud was informed by Attorney General Tushar Mehta that, despite the higher court’s earlier order to issue a notice on the transfer statement submitted by the Center to all petitions filed in various higher courts, the Punjab and Haryana High Court is proceeding on the pending matter there.
The court noted that the notice about the transfer request means that the ongoing proceedings must be stopped.
Mehta said that several new petitions are being filed in different higher courts on the matter.
“Then we will postpone the proceedings before all the higher courts and hear the matter in the second week after the Holi recess,” the bank said.
The higher court had previously issued a notice on a transfer petition filed by the Center that sought to group together all the petitions filed in various higher courts on the subject of regulation of OTT platforms.

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