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Focus on ‘test-follow-treat’ protocol: MHA on new Covid guidelines for states | India News


NEW DELHI: The Home Office issued new guidelines on Tuesday in the wake of the Covid situation in India, calling on states to strictly enforce the ‘test-follow-treat’ protocol and ensure appropriate behavior for Covid to curb the spread of the virus. .
The guidelines, which will remain in effect from April 1 to April 30, come at a time when the country is witnessing a continued increase in daily infections in recent days.
“Considering a further increase in Covid-19 cases, which is being witnessed in some parts of the country, the guidelines oblige state / UT governments to strictly enforce the Test-Track-Treat protocol in all parts of the country. country, they ensure to observe the appropriate behavior of Covid and increase the vaccination campaign, “the ministry said in a statement.
The ministry emphasized that to ensure that the resumption of activities is successful, it is necessary to strictly follow the containment strategy and observe the standard operating procedures established by the Center.
Here are the guidelines from the ministry of health:

  • States and UTs, where the proportion of RT-PCR tests is lower, should rapidly increase it to reach the prescribed level of 70 percent or more.
  • New positive cases, detected as a result of intensive testing, should be isolated / quarantined as soon as possible and treated promptly.
  • Also, per protocol, your contacts should be traced as soon as possible and similarly isolated / quarantined.
  • Based on the positive cases and the follow-up of their contacts, the Containment Zones will be carefully delimited by the district authorities, at the micro level, taking into consideration the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) in this regard.
  • The list of containment zones will be posted on the websites by the respective district collectors and by the states / UT. This list will also be shared with MoHFW on a regular basis.
  • Within the demarcated Containment Zones, the containment measures prescribed by the MoHFW will be scrupulously followed, including strict perimeter control, intensive house-to-house surveillance, contact tracing, ILI / SARI case surveillance, etc.
  • Municipal, police, and local district authorities will be responsible for ensuring that prescribed containment measures are strictly followed and state / UT governments will ensure the accountability of stakeholders in this regard.

Appropriate behavior for Covid

  • State / UT governments will take all necessary measures to promote appropriate Covid-19 behavior in workplaces and in public, especially in crowded places.
  • For the strict enforcement of the use of face masks, hand hygiene and social distancing, the States and UT may consider administrative actions, including the imposition of appropriate fines.
  • National directives for Covid-19 management will continue to be followed across the country, in order to enforce appropriate Covid-19 behavior.

Local restrictions
States and UT, based on their assessment of the situation, may impose local, district / sub-district and city / district restrictions, with a view to containing the spread of Covid-19.
No restrictions on interstate and intrastate movement
No restrictions will be placed on the interstate and intrastate movement of people and goods, including those destined for cross-border trade under treaties with neighboring countries. No separate electronic permission / approval / permission will be required for such moves.
Strict adherence to prescribed standard operating procedures.

  • All activities have been allowed outside the Containment Zones and SOPs have been prescribed for various activities. These include: movement by passenger trains; air travel; subway trains; schools; institutions of higher education; Hotels and restaurants; shopping centers, multiplex cinemas and entertainment parks; yoga centers and gyms; exhibitions, assemblies and congregations, etc.
  • The SOPs, updated periodically, will be strictly applied by the interested authorities, who will be responsible for their strict compliance.


  • The government of India has launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign against Covid-19.
  • Although the vaccination campaign is progressing smoothly, the pace is uneven in the different states and UT; and the slowness of vaccination in some States / UT is cause for concern. Vaccination against Covid-19, in the current scenario, is essential to break the chain of transmission.
  • Therefore, all state / UT governments must quickly accelerate the rate of vaccination to cover all priority groups quickly.

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