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SC will hear petition against electoral bonds next week | India News


NEW DELHI: On the first day the Supreme Court allowed the oral subpoena of the defenders to seek an urgent list of pleas almost a year after it stopped the physical hearing due to Covid-19, attorney Prashant Bhushan made the most of on Thursday by convincing the court to hear two cases – election bonds and detention of Rohingya Muslims in Jammu – next week.
Bhushan was the first to mention before the court headed by CJI SA Bobde, who then had to instruct the court staff to allow others to also mention for an urgent list of important issues. Attorney General Tushar Mehta did the same, secured a case involving the possible imprisonment of a listed major general, and even secured relief for the senior army officer.
Bhushan said that although the main request that defies the decision To periodically issue electoral bonds was pending, he was filing a new application requesting the suspension of the government’s decision to issue new electoral bonds as of April 1. He said the court had not previously suspended the issuance of electoral bonds, but had asked political parties to submit details of their accounts.
He said that the corrupt used electoral bonds to deposit ill-gotten money in political parties and backed his presentation by mentioning that both the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Election Commission had described the electoral bonds as harmful to democracy.
On the issue of the Rohingya Muslims, Bhushan said that they were refugees and that it was illegal for the Jammu police to detain them. He said the disturbing development was the proposal to deport them back to Myanmar, where they would face genocide, especially since the Army took over in a coup.
Mehta said he had no objections to an early plea hearing for the Rohingya, but it would be wrong to suggest that their detention in Jammu was illegal. The SC said it would hear the election bond statement on Wednesday and the Rohingya issuance on Thursday next week.

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