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India is doing a great job in vaccination: SC | India News

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, the Supreme Court warmly praised the good conduct of the Union government in vaccinating its citizens against the coronavirus, which started with frontline workers, and said India has done a great job both at the level national and international.
“There is no doubt that India is doing a great job. The Indian government has distinguished itself internationally by exporting vaccines to many countries,” said a bank run by CJI SA Bobde.
This comment came after Attorney General Tushar Mehta explained the modus operandi of vaccination and the export of vaccines to countries in need. “We are the fastest to vaccinate our citizens,” said the SG.
In its affidavit, the Center has put a firm footing and said it would not violate the policy decision to vaccinate only those over 60 or those in the 45 to 59 age group with 20 specific comorbidities. “The government of India has great respect for the legal profession, but it may not be desirable to create a separate class made up of lawyers or others under 45 years of age to discriminate against people who are engaged in other trades, professions or businesses. , as such a classification would lead to discrimination, “he said.
He informed the court that around 7.6 crore doses of the vaccine have been sent to the states and UT and that in the first 49 days of vaccination, India has inoculated 2.1 crore from its citizens against the US 3, 2 crore. Turkey 95.6 lakhs and United Kingdom 76 lakhs. He said that most countries started vaccinating their population over 75 and gradually lowered the age limit.
On the export of vaccines, the Center said that there is a certain number of doses that can be administered on a daily basis in India given the manpower and infrastructure available. India exports only the amount of doses produced by the two manufacturers in excess of the daily domestic requirement, he said.
“Onc epidemic takes pandemic form, its management must be done with the whole world as a unit in mind and it is not possible to take a country-specific approach. India is not immune to the pandemic until the world at large has contained the disease. Low / middle income countries, as well as nations with limited access to pharmaceutical technologies, are at a debilitating disadvantage in coping with the pandemic. To this end, the government has allowed only a limited export of vaccines and granted the internal needs top priority, “he said. .

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