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Why is the Prime Minister silent on the CAA at the Assam rallies? Surjewala | India News


GUWAHATI: Congress has questioned BJP’s “double standard” on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), hours before Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Assam on Thursday, the first after the announcement of the election calendar last month.
Addressing the media at the Rajiv Bhavan State Congress headquarters here, AICC Secretary General Randeep Surjewala asked: “Why did the Prime Minister keep silent on the citizenship legislation? He called the CAA” a conspiracy “to remove the identity of Assam”.
“Why do you want to damage the original identity, culture and civilization of Assam? Does Modi ji plan to implement this law after the Bidhan Sabha elections in Assam? Modi promised to implement CAA in West Bengal. On the other hand, they said that their government will not implement CAA in Tamil Nadu, but why is Modi ji silent in the context of Assam? Why this double standard? Surjewala said.
In one state, known for its culture, tolerance, restraint, goodwill and harmony, he said over the past five years, to quench his thirst for power in Assam, BJP had not only sown seeds of division, but also “attacked” the idiom. and land of Assam through CAA.
Among the 10 questions that Congress put to Modi, one about development in Majuli from Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal was at the top. “We remember Modiji’s speech on the world’s largest river island, Majuli, on March 26, 2016. He called on the public to vote and they would build a bridge over the Brahmaputra. Today, we want to ask why there was no development in it. Now, on the eve of the Assam assembly elections, why are they serving lies by making “bhoomi poojan” from Majuli bridge to Jorhat, which will cost Rs 925.47 crore? Surjewala asked.
Reports of 1,300 km of highway on both banks of the Brahmaputra at Rs 40,000 crore raised expectations among the people of Assam in 2017. The congressional leader, however, said on February 8, the Rajya Sabha revealed that there was no proposal to build a highway on both banks of the Brahmaputra.
Surjewala alleged that women’s safety was compromised during the BJP rule in the state. “Across the nation now, Assam is recognized as the most unsafe place for women. In the last three years, women in Assam have been victims of 80,794 cases. BJP has turned Assam into the center of child trafficking. Half of this type of crime occurs in Assam alone. How will you respond about crime against women? ” he said.
“Modiji had promised the people of the state that out of the 63.25 lakh families of rural families, 59 lakh will get water under Jal Jeevan’s scheme, but after three years, why are 56 lakh families still deprived of water? this scheme? ” Surjewala wondered.

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