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Hope in the midst of the crisis: Covid-19 cases increase but the death rate remains low | India News


NEW DELHI: Coronavirus cases in the country have risen steadily since recent weeks. However, the increase in cases has had little impact on the mortality rate.
The recent increase in cases is reported in a few select states, including Maharashtra and Punjab. Both states have reported a drop in the fatality rate (CFR) since the cases began to rise. The drop in the CFR value is an indication that deaths in these two states have not risen as sharply as the increase in cases.

In December last year, Delhi reported a slight increase in the death rate. However, the value of CFR in the capital city has remained stable since then.
Meanwhile, despite registering a drop in the fatality rate, both Maharashtra (2,239) and Punjab (3.04) continue to report the highest CFR among all states. On the other hand, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh reported the lowest CFR values ​​in the country.

The death rate in the country has remained below the world average since the beginning of the pandemic. While daily cases have risen dramatically in recent months, there has been a drop in the country’s average death rate. The CFR is down from 1.45% on December 31 to 1.39 on March 17.

In December last year, the discovery of a new strain of the virus in the UK raised concern around the world. The new mutant was believed to be more contagious and is known to cause reinfection (infects a person who has already contracted the virus and been cured). However, it is not yet known for sure whether the new mutants are responsible for the recent increase.
According to the report, the new mutant turned out to be 35% more lethal for people who tested positive.
However, new research from the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter in the UK now suggests that the increased risk of mortality may be as high as 64%.

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