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HC asks the government of Maharashtra if it wants to continue the investigation against Arnab Goswami | India News

MUMBAI: The Mumbai High Court asked the special counsel in the Television Ratings Points (TRP) manipulation scam case on Wednesday whether the state intends to continue its investigation against Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief of Republic TV and ARG Outlier Media, who runs the channel.
A court of SS Judges Shinde and Manish Pitale ordered special counsel Shishir Hiray to report to the court by 11 a.m. Thursday and postponed until then a guilty plea from Goswami and the company seeking to overturn the FIR or transfer the investigation to CBI or other independent agency. .
The police have not named Goswami as a defendant with a “bad fide intention” to keep the investigation open to harass him, argued lead attorney Ashok Mundergi with Niranjan Mundergi, who appeared on Goswami’s behalf. He added that there was no significant material against Goswami despite investigation by the Mumbai police for more than four months. Mundergi pointed to the witness statements which he claimed were “clearly inadmissible” but which had been attached to the charge sheet. “If the police have any material collected against him, let them show it,” Mundergi said.
Hiray, countering Mundergi, said the police had a “strong case” and “sufficient evidence”. He cited an October 7, 2020 report from the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) based on which the suspicion was based. He said there were two reports from BARC, including an internal investigation, and both were on the charge sheet. He said police are investigating the TRP scam case.
Judge Shinde, who heads the bench, told Hiray: “Take instructions if you want to investigate further. We want a statement. What are you going to do more? “Hiray, when asked by the HC, said that lead attorney Kapil Sibal will appear for the state. When Mundergi argued, there is no case against Goswami despite the two charge sheets. Judge Shinde asked,” Do you want me to Let’s make an inference that even after two loading sheets there is not enough material collected? “The judge asked the prosecution how long he wanted the investigation to continue.” This is like many cases we have seen ‘khichdi pakk rahi hai, but for how long? “said Judge Shinde.” A person should be able to breathe and should not be like a sword hanging over someone’s head. “Mundergi said arrests cannot be made simply on suspicion without material.

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