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Congress Can Do Everything It Can To Fool People And Get Votes: Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Assam | India News

KARIMGANJ: In Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the big party can go to any lengths to deceive the people and get votes.
Addressing his first electoral rally in Assam after the announcement of the election dates, the prime minister said that Congress is moving with “tala-chabi” (AIUDF voting symbol) in the state, even when some of his workers were opposed to the idea.
“Congress has gotten so weak that it can line up with any team and fool people just for the sake of getting votes,” he said.
He accused the party of creating “disconnection” between people and places.
“The BJP, on the other hand, has done everything possible to connect people physically, emotionally and culturally,” the prime minister added.

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